Project List

This is an ongoing list I will update as things get added and cross off as things get completed.  Some things are small - others are big huge honking projects - all need to get done.

Monkey's room - paint frame, paint mirror, make clip organizer, create wall gallery, hang shelf

Little Man's room - puddy and paint bookshelf, find a bedside table, wall decor

Living room - , paint touch ups (walls, trim, barn board), paint exterior of door, put knobs on built in doors, change handle exterior door, refinish hope chest, hang photos

Playroom - wallpaper removal, paint last wall, hang curtains, hang art, find fabric to make shades, touch up walls from chalkboard paint, repair wall in corner

Outdoors - weed flower beds (front yard, side yard, back yard), finish brick surround, clean out and prep bed to turn into garden space for kids, cut brush, cut rotten trees
Office/Craft room - find sewing desk, organize, stain wine crates (fabric storage), find a desk, refinish desk (strip finish, repair panels, prime and paint), build craft table, refinish printer table

Dining - peel wall paper, paint, build farmhouse table, paint cabinet

Stairway - prime and paint stairs, prime and paint rail/gate, add molding to stairs

Small Bathroom - peel wallpaper, paint, decor

Sewing  -
  • Customer - Custom order sling
  • SIL - Fabric clothespin holder 
  • T - mend dress shirt
  • LM - 2nd bedroom shade, make monkey apron, embroider embelishments on craft apron, a new quilt (?)
  • M - new stroller seat for toy stroller, a new quilt (?)
  • Living room - make window seat cushion, make curtains, make shades
  • Playroom - shades, fabric storage containers
  • Christmas gifts - This list stays private ;-)
  • LM - scarf, beanie
  • M - beanie 
  • Myself - scarf

I should learn to not sleep.
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