Friday, June 5, 2009

Yard saling fun

The junking high I was on a couple weeks after the junking trip I took with my Mom has yet to wane. That very Friday, I decided it was time to introduce Monkey to the art of junking. I scoped out the Bangor Daily while drinking my morning coffee and found a few nearby for us to hit. I need to note, Monkey has sort of potty trained herself since the stomach bug she had back in April, but accidents do still happen - hence sticking to NEARBY (though I've since taught her the art of squatting in the woods when desperation strikes. What? I've said it once and I'll say it again - Redneck. haha).

Here is our loot for just $6:

I couldn't pass up the 50 cent frames. A coat of spray paint and they'll be finding a home in either Monkey or New Bean's bedrooms.

A sad confession - Monkey had ZERO Dr. Seuss books. Now she has 4 and enjoys them. She actually put them in the magazine basket near the potty so she has reading material in the bathroom. HA!

And the darling little tray was purchased with the intent of putting Monkey's small tea set on it. Sadly, the tray was just a tad too small. I put it to use holding all of her hair clips and pony tail holders instead, seeing as they were being stored in a small Ziploc bag on her dresser. Much cuter now.

Sometime next week, I'll be taking an updated picture of Monkey's room because I never did get around to sharing her big girl room! It's still not finished, but for those of us obsessed with decorating in our homes, are we ever really finished?

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e.b. said...

Nice haul! The very first story book that made The Lad smile was "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish."

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