Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Trash to Treasure

Do you remember this loot?


I shared with you what I did with the big lamp.  I showed you what I did with the suitcase.  But you haven’t seen my favorite project of all from this haul. 

Monkey claimed the old window frame for herself.  As I was putting it in the trunk, she made sure to tell me it was going in her bedroom.

Here it is, along with the white shutters, hanging in a place of honor, above her bed:


I decided that the grandparents weren’t getting artwork after all because it looked perfect framed here with a few random photos of Monkey and Little Man.  The shutters were an after thought, but once I tested it out, Monkey insisted they go. 

The rustic look goes perfectly with the old barn board curtain “rods” I made for her bedroom last winter.


I’ve taught her well, no?

FYI – Grand total of $7 for the wall art.  I paid $5 for the window and $1 a piece for those fabulous little shutters.

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