Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cold Weather Goals Update:

You can find my original goals here:

1) Personal

  • I’ve lost 6 pounds and am down to 154.  Awesome.

2) Family


  • We’ve had a few messy crafts.  One in particular involved preserving beautiful fall leaves in melted beeswax.
  • We’ve had some play dates.  We need more.
  • I have 1 handmade Christmas gift left to make and then some baking to do on the last week.

3) Kitchen


  • I’ve tried quite a few new sweets.  One involved oatmeal cookie eyeball cookies for Monkey to take to school for her Halloween party (they were supposed to be peanut butter cookies but peanut products are a no-no to send to school because of allergies).

4) Turning house into home

  • This is all one big SCRATCH off my list.  You may ask why I’m scratching it all at once.  The answer is simple.  We are MOVING.  Officially, as of December 23rd, we will be residents of the St. John Valley again.  We’ll temporarily be living with my folks (a month or 2), so I won’t be turning a house into home until next spring – maybe summer,  depending how quickly we can sell this place. 

How are your lists coming along?

Have a great day!

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