Sunday, December 19, 2010

Homemade Classmate Gifts

In trying to stick to my mostly handmade Christmas (which I’ve failed miserably at thanks to our move), I decided to try to keep gifts simple for Monkey’s classmates.  We’ve had a lot of fun putting them together!


Included in each gift are Snickerdoodles, some homemade Hot Cocoa Mix and some Magic Reindeer Dust.

I bought some cheap red plastic bowls, made tags for the top, we had a glitter party and added some curly ribbon.  Voila!


Monkey doesn’t really want to let them go.  Lucky for her I made sure we made extra of everything. 

Here’s a final look at our Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  We had a lot of fun making ornaments for it. 


I hope everyone is having all ready for Christmas and having a wonderful holiday season!

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