Thursday, March 3, 2011

World Cup Biathlon 2011

Fort Kent was dubbed years ago as The Little Town that Could. 

Boy, can they ever.

A few weeks ago, Fort Kent hosted World Cup Biathlon competitions.  There were so many activities in town for the events.  We didn’t do nearly as much as town was offering.

We did very much enjoy the International Light Parade.  Our favorite float, by far, was roasting marshmallows and handing them out to the crowd. 


So much awesome.IMG_4889

An ice castle was built in the middle of Down Town.


Inside was a bar – also made of ice.


Then, of course, there were the actual races.  It was really cool to watch.


We did need to entertain ourselves (the children) a little while they were actually out on the course. 


If you’re in the area this Saturday, be sure to check out the Can Am Sled Dog Races.  There aren’t nearly as many activities, but it’s just as fun! 

This time, I’m packing a thermos of hot chocolate in the back pack. 

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