Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Very Full Day

My nephew Scooby is visiting us today.

I’ve been trying to find new activities to do with the kids while he’s here.

We started the day by making S’Mores Pudding Pops.  MUCH better than the juice popsicles Scooby thought we were going to make.  (Verdict – they were super tasty but the pudding pop portion was WAY tastier than the marshmallow portion, in my opinion.)

After a quick lunch, we went to the park.  The kids played on the slides and swings, kicked around the soccer ball we brought with us and then had fun throwing rocks in the water.

Next in my bag of tricks was making liquid sidewalk chalk.  This one is a HUGE hit.  (They’re playing with it as I write this.)  It was just as fun to make it and mix up the colors as it is for drawing in the driveway.


Scooby wants to know if we can make something else.  My bag of tricks is currently empty.  I’m off to hunt for something else before the chalk is all gone!

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