Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes…

When we bought our new old house, we knew we were going to need to do some updating – the windows being one of the needed updates.

We went through last winter paying attention to which windows were in the worst shape and decided which ones to change this year.

Our carpenter is finally here this week.

Before – exterior (excuse the shadows – I forgot to take my pictures until THAT morning – the sun was uncooperative):



Of course with an extremely old house, nothing can be simple.  The new windows are just a hair smaller than the old, which caused issues with the two big windows – particularly with the trim.

Our carpenter came up with a fabulous way to hide the problem – and it makes such a huge impact!

He is still up on the scaffolding working so I cropped him out just to show you the window.  LOOK at that trim!  You can see the difference with the window below it (old window).


The big windows make my heart go pitter patter.


T and I have been discussing paint colors.  The decision has finally been made that the house will get color-matched.  The trim will get an off white or cream, similar to it’s current primed color.

Next up, interior trim.  I can’t wait to see what he does for us inside!

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