Saturday, June 6, 2009

More junking fun

I took Monkey junking again yesterday. We hit up a few yard sales close by. Here is our loot for $17:

The stool is now on my deck and will soon have a fern sitting on it. The two chairs will get a black paint treatment and find a home next to our pellet stove. The cake platter will also get a coat of black spray paint and be used for display (not for food!). The plates will be great to use as appetizer platters for parties. The pitcher was just cute. And I found a pair of maternity shorts for just $2 - great to get me through the warm weather for the next few weeks.

And, of course, the Elmo sprinkler. This was, of course, Monkey's find. She freaked out, let go of my hand and raced up the driveway to where he was sitting in the pile of toys for sale. For 50 cents, he had to come home with us! Do you think I've created a monster?
The other great find I wanted to share is the crib we found for New Bean. We bought this a couple of months ago off of craigslist for $50. After much debate (sometimes heated), I agreed to ask our pediatrician how he felt about a spray painted crib. He gave me the green light. So work began yesterday afternoon. I don't have a picture of it all put together, but you can get the gist of the before here.

I'll be sanding the crap out of it and then giving it a fresh coat of black spray paint. Back to the monster I've created - yes, the sander is on. She just HAD to help. I've got a little DIYer on my hands! (I'm always telling her there's no reason to be scared of power tools. hehe)

When T got home, he informed me we have a more heavy duty palm sander in our possession, of which I was not aware. Thank goodness because that one side piece has an hour and a half of sanding into it and is only 3/4 of the way done. I'm hoping to get all of the sanding done this week so I can begin the painting next weekend seeing as we're 4 1/2 weeks and counting to our due date.

Now I've got to get to the insane to do list I've got for the weekend. First up, a quick shower and running to a few new yard sales within 5 miles of us. New Bean is still lacking a dresser!

Have a good weekend!


Joan said...

hey, i love your blog descrition. :)i haven't read this entry yet., i just can't find anywhere to post my comment. so i just put it here. :) please leave a comment to my latest blog so i can find your account again. hehehe. thanks!!!

jamie said...

Wow! What great finds! I love love love those chairs! And I think the crib will look excellent painted black. You'll have to show us how it turns out!

Country Girl said...

Great bargains. We have been hitting a few lawnsales lately. I love a bargain! Happ belated b-day to your daughter. I am not to far from that Antique store you visited. Sometime when you are coming to the area you should stop by.

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