Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My feet are now up

I had a regularly scheduled prenatal appointment yesterday. My blood pressure was up a bit and there was a trace of protein in my urine. They immediately started the screening process for preeclampsia. After 30 minutes on the fetal monitor, I was sent to the lab for blood work (at which point my brain caught up with what was happening and I had the start of an emotional meltdown in front of the poor lab technician).

I went back to work and was luckily alone in the office where I proceeded to have a full blown emotional meltdown (I haven't had one in 36 weeks - I think I was entitled. haha). My poor Mom called in the middle of it, not having seen my email update on my doc's appointment yet. Oops. I think I scared her. I went forward in my day with the intent of tying up any and all loose ends I had just in case.

To be honest, preeclampsia isn't really all that scary at 36 weeks pregnant. New Bean really only needs 1 more full week of baking to be considered full term. So the emotional meltdown was obviously unnecessary. I guess hormones got the best of my brain.

My blood work came back fine. I'm still going to be monitored a little more closely (twice a week instead of once a week) just to be safe.

My ever loving husband, however, has decided to put me on modified "bed rest." He's taken away all of the power tools. I'm only "allowed" to care for Monkey, cook and do some light cleaning. No more projects, no more "heavy" lifting (not even laundry baskets) and no more playing in my flowers. Now, I know I could work on things while he's gone all day, but that would just result in a fight at night and THAT I do not have the energy for. So I'll comply with his wishes... sort of. (A sewing machine is neither a power tool OR requires my being on my feet, correct? hehe).

So I'll probably be getting around to sharing some of the projects I've finished now that I have the time to take and upload pictures of them.

And now I have belly comparisons for you.

First up - 36 weeks pregnant for Monkey (2007):

Second - 36 weeks pregnant for New Bean (last night):

Perfect timing. Monkey just came stumbling out of bed.

Have a good day!


maine momma of 3 (formally: stayathomemommy from maine) said...

Love the belly pics!!!! Really do listen to hubby and take advantage of not having to do laundry, etc... it's hard but really for the best (says the worst bed rest patient ever!!!!)

Sewing machine and computers are not tools and really are relaxing ;) Scrapbooking worked for me too!!

Just be warned with the preclampsia, since it started late it may not go away right away... it is normal though noone tells you this til your in the middle of it. I was in the hospital for 6 days after the twinnies were born because of high protien levels and BP. The girls were fine so that's all that matters!!!! But my hubby was kinda worried.

Good Luck and rest and relax, stay away from stressful people and enjoy your little monkey before the new bean comes!!!

Jodi said...

SAHM - Thanks!

Now.. I do have to admit I don't think I've officially got Pre-E. She told me my blood work was fine, so I'm assuming it's just a minor concern at this point that we just need to monitor. (I'll find out more when I go back on Friday - It all happened pretty fast yesterday and I didn't really have any questions until I'd had time to think last night. lol).

My blood pressure could have been up for a number of reasons (1 being I'd just come from work - that always raises my blood pressure. lol). It had already gone down some when they rechecked it an hour later.

I'll find out more on Friday. And take it easier until then. ;-)

Country Girl said...

You look great. Take it easy. I was emotional wreck at the end of both pregnancies.

e.b. said...

Could you be any cuter? Take it easy okay.

Basic Bryan said...

Looking good Jo...and Love the smile. Take care Dear.

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