Saturday, June 13, 2009

My feet are still up

Sort of.

Update since Wednesday:
I had more screening done yesterday. My blood pressure is back down to normal, though I do need to keep monitoring it daily. And I specifically asked if I do have preeclampsia or not - the verdict was no.

So that is good news. I am still taking it easy, though it's difficult for me. I feel pretty useless - especially watching T finish up MY projects. And I'm trying to just chill out with the housework and stick to LIGHT cleaning (thought light cleaning often involves a rag and bucket for me so I have to remind myself to slow down and take a break!).

I am working on small projects with Monkey - like finally organizing all of Monkey's baby clothes to pull out the gender neutral clothing and organize all of the girly stuff by size so I know which box to pull out should we need the girly stuff.

I will also be tackling one more painting project - but I promise it's small and easy. T painted the ceiling in the nursery and was quite annoyed to find the paint had dripped behind the tape. I'm the paint toucher upper in our house, so I'm going to fix up those drips and patch a few holes in the walls (and paint them) so we have a clean blank slate for New Bean.

I figured I'd post a quick update while I had a minute. I'm off to finish organizing baby clothes while Monkey finishes up her nap.


Michelle said...

I hope you get some good rest.
Take it easy and take care of yourself. I'm glad it's not pre-E. That's great news.

Basic Bryan said...

Hi Jo,
well you are down to the wire, all the best. we will be thinking of you in the coming days.
Bry and Ran

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