Friday, February 12, 2010

Recipes of the week


steakaupoivre-MSL Image from Martha Stewart Living

I tried out Steak Au Poivre with Balsamic Reduction earlier this week.  Instead of using random pepper and grinding it myself, as Martha suggests, I used a Taste of Inspirations rub/seasoning (I don’t remember the name as I’ve had it a while without the name on it – it was Monterey Citrus or something or other).  It was easy to make and tasted ok, but I’m not making it again.

Also from Martha Stewart Living is Chicken Parmigiana.  It’s one of the many recipes I find in her magazine and can’t find online, which is unfortunate.  T made it.  He told me it was easy and we all enjoyed it. 

FriedRicewithShrimpandSnowPeas-MSL Image from Martha Stewart Living

And yet another from Martha Stewart Living is Fried Rice with Shrimp and Snow Peas.  We rather enjoyed this one, as well.


Image from Fresh Magazine

Finally, we move on to Fresh Magazine where we find Sesame Beef with Green Beans.  The sauce you make to go with it has a hoisin sauce taste to it.  It was good and I still can’t get over how much Monkey loved it.  She practically licked her plate clean.

Enjoy your kitchens!


Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

Jodi said...

Will do. I have a bunch to share when I have a chance this week. :-)

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