Friday, March 4, 2011

Egg Carton Crafts

My kids have cabin fever.  Actually, I do too.  So I set off on a virtual hunt for an idea on what we could craft now that my craft stuff has finally made it out of it’s boxes.  (YAY!)

I found these great egg carton caterpillars, and having no shortage of empty egg cartons in our possession, I thought this would be a great activity.


It required quite a bit of help from me, but they loved it.  Then I started chopping an egg carton apart and let Monkey have at it with paint.  Some pipe cleaner stems and we got some adorable roses to add a touch of spring to the playroom.


Having not had enough messy play, Monkey wanted to make pictures while Little Man had his nap.  I also have a large collection of mulberry scraps for scrapbooking (because I do so much scrapbooking nowadays – note the dripping sarcasm). 

I think I’m framing them for the playroom.


I really channeled my inner Picasso – except with paper and glue.


What messy fun have you been having with your kids? 

I’m currently hunting for more ideas along the lines of the egg cartons.  I have a few to pull out for next week…  and Monkey wants roses for her bedroom too.


Haley said...

The artwork turned out really cute. I'm impressed. My older guy really loves doing crafty stuff too but we haven't done much recently. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. I just read a good bit of yours and really enjoyed it. Your house looks great and it sounds like it's going to be even more wonderful after all your hard work. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi - I am really happy to discover this. Good job!

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