Friday, April 29, 2011

Starting to take shape

It’s slow going.


It took 1 coat of primer (BIN – Kilz has not been working for us in this house.  We’re now BIN all the way.)

Then 4 coats of paint (Champagne Bubbles by Do it Best)


I’ve pulled the boxes back out and am starting to put it together.   Don’t mind the old tube.  Our “new” [7 year old]  television doesn’t fit.  We’re getting a new new one when the man can make up his mind – hence the rather large cubby.  He didn’t think my old stereo would fit - it didn’t all fit in one section together.  I can’t believe I made it fit (I’m tired of “needing” to buy something new just because the old doesn’t work well here – our box spring and tv at the top of the list).  


I don’t know if I’ll ever be done tweaking it. Those tiny cubbies are causing me a little grief.  I’m also missing a few items I had mentally placed in here.  I know I’ve seen them since the move – I just have no idea where they are right at this very moment.

I LOVE the hidden storage.  All of our games, movies and other random stuff we use but I don’t want out fits wonderfully. 

Next step – a big cushion to sit in front of the window and curtains for the speaker cubbies.  I’ve also got new knobs for the cabinets on their way. 

And curtains.  Dear Lord, we need curtains.

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