Monday, April 25, 2011

Trash to Treasure

I’m so excited. 

When we arrived at my parents yesterday, my dad had a surprise for me in the back of his pickup.


This rather disgusting looking slab of wood used to be the meat counter years and years ago in my grandfather’s store.

This rather disgusting looking slab of wood is going to be getting some much needed love this week.

A bleaching.  Lots of sanding.  A waxing.  Then legs.

It almost sounds like a day at the spa.

She’ll soon be sitting here – to the left of my stove:


It’s a very badly needed workspace. 

I can’t wait to go get my hands dirty. (And it doesn’t involve paint.  Oh, happy day!)

Hope you all had a fabulous Easter.  Ours was a wonderful day filled with extended family and too much good food. 

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