Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Busy Weekend

Remember this wonderfully inspiring mess I showed you this weekend?


Oh yeah.  Messy mess.


I was barely able to function in here.  My work and client stuff were the only things I had organized in any manner – just barely.  There were craft supplies, my personal paperwork, miscellaneous decor I haven’t found new homes for, etc etc etc. 

Oh, something for Jodi to deal with?  Toss it in the office. 



Into the office.

The kids and I spent much of our weekend in here.  Just cleaning, organizing and unpacking.

(Excuse the bad lighting.  The lighting in this room is terrible.)

Organized work space, all set up for work.


This desk deserves it’s own post.  Soon.

Home of my future sewing space.


I need a second desk for my sewing machine and a very large table for workspace in the center of the room.

Children’s Creative Corner.


I always like to keep it real.  Check out the last lonely box.  It’s almost empty but I ran out of steam – and time.


I have plans for this room. 

Big plans.

The layout is basically what I want – plus the two new furniture pieces I still need.

I’m contemplating pulling down the paneling.  This is the one thing that will hold up my painting in here – to pull it down or not to pull it down?  That is the question.

But for now, it functions.  Which I very very badly needed for my sanity.

I actually feel like I can be creative now.  It feels good!

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