Monday, November 28, 2011

30 Days of Christmas – Day 4

A Scene from a Christmas Horror Movie…

It’s what I walked into when I came home one day last week.

*cue horror music*

Christmas Horror

This would be a 3 foot tall styrofoam snowman my grandmother gave me.  You can call him retro, I suppose.  I call him in sad scary shape.

His paint is faded, his snow is dingy, he lost the present he used to hold – and his hat…  oh, his hat.  My grandmother tried giving him a facelift before with some spray paint.  The paint ate the foam – hence the addition of the lovely knit beanie.

He’s definitely seen his better days.

Lucky for Frosty, he was dropped on the right doorstep.  I was not to be deterred nor to be intimidated (much to my husband’s dismay, of course). 

Off came his bow, his hat and his mitten.  I ripped off whatever it is he’s holding and got to work.

Look at him now!

 Frosty Remade 

He got a fresh coat of paint (acrylics!) and a new scarf from an old scrap of burlap.  I then hot glued scraps of an old wool skirt to his hat and hands.  A strip of remnant fabrics made nice mitten cuffs and ribbon for his hat.  A red sharpie worked great to replace the string that was once his mouth.  I finished him off by hot gluing a frame where the present once was filled with a printable (found here – note that printing it in a smaller size did cut the edges off ever so slightly).

While he may still be a 3 foot tall styrofoam snowman, Frosty was given a new lease on life. 

After many years gracing my grandparents front porch, Frosty will spend at least a few more greeting visitors on mine.

Welcoming Frosty

(Because I did not dare spray him with sealant for fear of more foam melting, this Frosty will be spending his winter days protected from the elements).

Don’t you just love a happy ending?


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Dedean said...

JO ,thank you for keeping Frosty alive you know he has been our snow man for a long time I hope you enjoy him as much as we did.
Love you ...Dedean & Pepere

Unknown said...

Thats so great you saved Frosty! He looks great and I know he'll be around for years to come. I'd love it if you'd stop by my blog and check out the giveaway I'm having for a Dremel Trio!

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