Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cold weather goals update:

I haven't updated my goals in a couple of weeks.

I haven't touched my scarf in that time. It has been sitting on T's dresser all of this time (to keep the needles out of Monkey's reach as I haven't designated an area to knitting storage yet).

I can finally see my desktop. I still have a few things to organize and deal with, but the worst part of the desk area has been dealt with. I taught someone Quickbooks one on one last week for a little extra spending money, so Monkey and I are going to hit up TJMaxx this week to find some office organization tools. I need to get a few more things off the desk and they need to go on the wall. I want room on the desk to work. I do have a few ideas but have lacked the time to implement. It is coming, though!

My shredder, however, can not keep up with me. I've been adding to the stack of shreddable materials. I keep overheating the shredder and by the time it cools enough to use it, I've moved on (or Monkey has awaken).

I'm also hoping I can finally get back into scrapbooking now there is room on my desk. I almost started my wedding album yesterday (finally - after 3 1/2 years, right?), but Monkey woke from her nap and T was outside changing the tires on the car, so I put the album right back away. It was the first time it came out of the "wedding" box in 2 years (the wedding box being a pretty storage box I have with all sorts of things to put into the scrapbook, like an invitation, a program, etc). Not to mention I never did finish my pregnancy book or ever get started on Monkey's "First Year" book.

I started working on a cross stitch last week. It's a scarecrow and I'm stitching him onto a piece of burlap. I think he'll be cute framed with an orange mat. He'll obviously be way out of season by the time I finish him, but I'll have him for next year!

I've also been shopping around for my bedroom re-do. By shopping I do mean online window shopping. I also found a lovely wall hanging at Target that would go perfect above the bed. And, again, I've got some extra funds from my side work to go purchase it this week. The side work I do really is worth it for all I get to do around the house. I may have to be patient to wait for the next funds to arrive (they usually are gone as fast as they get here), but my house will thank me when I'm done.

Progress has been made!

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maine momma of 3 (formally: stayathomemommy from maine) said...

You have all winter so your doing good :) My scrapbooking is still back in 2006 too so no worries ;) at least it's all in a box right??

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