Saturday, November 15, 2008

Some of you might want to strangle me

I've got the Christmas bug. Badly. It's taken all of the strength I have to not start pulling out my plastic totes and tubs full of Christmas decorations.

So I'll share a couple fall pictures one more time to try to keep myself from being one of "those" people.

Raking is such tough work. I need a break.

A family of scarecrows. I shudder at the thought of when I took them apart. A mouse decided to start a nest in the Jodi scarecrow. UGH. (This would be the day after we found a HUGE nest in T's snowmobile and saw about 10 jump out. That really gives me the chills!)

It's difficult to not want to jump to the next season now. It's been dreary all week.

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