Monday, November 3, 2008

Long cold weekend

Not that I would have had time to really do any posting this weekend, but we haven't had Internet since Saturday for some reason. This happens every time there is a time change and it drives me insane.

My in-laws were here for the weekend. They stayed with Monkey Saturday night while T & I went to the hockey game. I've got to say, the team is starting to show some promise! They won both games this weekend. They were outplayed Friday night, but coach made a few changes on Saturday and they worked well together!

It was pretty darn cold out this weekend. We played outside a bit, but it was just a tad too cold to stay out for long stretches, thanks to the wind.

T spent some time Saturday moving his "toys" around. We have two sheds (he needed the second because we don't have a garage). So by moving his toys around, I mean he put his summer things away (motorcycle, lawn mower) and pulled out the winter things (snowmobile, snow blower). He found a HUGE mouse nest under the cab of the snowmobile. After he drove it out of the shed, you could see all of the mice trying to come out to run away. I saw five, but T said there were more. YUCK. But I'd much prefer them in the sled than in the house!

We're all sick. I've been fighting a small cold since last week (I don't know what's wrong with me - I'm hardly ever sick and this is the third time in a month!). Over the weekend, it blew into full blown misery. T started it Friday. And yesterday, Monkey started. She's been walking around with tissues and blowing her nose every other minute (yes, at 17 months old, she blows her nose like a pro). I'm going to prop one side of her mattress today so her head is slightly elevated. I think she'll sleep a bit better tonight (I was up quite a bit with her last night - that's not going to help me get over it, either!).

I'm just updating the checkbook now and Monkey and I will quickly shower so we can head to town and do our groceries for the week. I'll update later to see how I do on the spending!

Have a great day!

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Country Girl said...

We are all hacking,sneezing, and blowing here too. Better days ahead!

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