Monday, August 24, 2009

Recipes of the week:

We had the Smokin' Chicken Burgers last week. I didn't mind them, though Monkey and T were not impressed. So I tossed the recipe.

I never got around to the Wild Rice Pilaf with Mushrooms and Pecans because we ended up going to dinner with T's parents Saturday night. I'll make it this week instead - and hopefully the recipe will be up on Every Day with Rachael Ray by the time I share a review.

I also tried Sausage, Potato and Cheese Waffles from the current Every Day with Rachael Ray issue (page 25 if you're looking for it - it's not up on the website yet either). Monkey wasn't crazy about it and T didn't like it at all. Again, I didn't mind it. But I won't be making a big batch of waffles from scratch for myself, so I'm not saving this one either.

First up this week are BBQ Barley-Chicken Burgers from Fresh Magazine. Why not try a different chicken burger since last week was such a bust, right?

We'll also be trying another Every Day with Rachael Ray sampling - Chicken Pot Pizza. T pulled this out quite some time ago and I figured it was time to finally try it. Personally, I'm not a fan of pot pie, but I try to keep an open mind. How else would we find new and exciting meals?

That's all for this week.

Enjoy your kitchens!
First image from Fresh Magazine.
Second image from Every Day with Rachael Ray.

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Osh said...

the rice recipe sounds like something I need very much

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