Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I’m issuing a kitchen challenge

While quickly catching up on some blog reading this morning, I found this over at Inspired Kara.  It is a Top Ten Challenge.


Image from Bon Appétit

I’m going to do this challenge, taking on one item from the list per week over the next ten weeks, starting with a soufflé next week (my menu and grocery shopping have long since been planned/done for this week).

I challenge you to join me. 

We’ll check in weekly.  You need to post a picture of your dish and share the recipe you used on your blog and link back here.  Or, if you don’t have a blog, post your picture directly on Living the Road Less Traveled’s fan page on Facebook.

We’ll have fans vote on the images each week to get a weekly winner for the best looking dish.  At the end, we’ll then vote on the best of the best for an overall winner.  The best looking dish will win a prize.  (I haven’t figured out a prize yet – suggestions welcome.)

First up is Soufflé.  Pick what ever soufflé recipe you want and get cooking! 

Who’s in?


Inspired Kara said...

YAY!!!! This makes me so excited!!!!

Jodi said...

Are you going to join me? :-)

gardenofsimple said...

sounds fun - I'll be joining!

Ally said...

I'm IN! Too bad I JUST made coq au vin 2 weeks ago. Oh well.... lol.... I'll just have to make it again. hehe

Jodi said...

Fantastic! The more the merrier.

I promise to come up with a fun prize. :-)

Country Girl said...

Good idea but I'll be out of this one cuz i'm not very good at food photography....yet

Jodi said...

I'm not that great with food photography, either. I'm trying to learn, though.

You could always take a picture of your family eating it and showing how enjoyable it is. ;-)

Osh said...

oh man, I haven't cooked a meal other than Carnation Instant Breakfast since moving in with my mom...

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