Thursday, February 18, 2010

I’m purl challenged!


I started this hat nearly 2 weeks ago now for my brother.  This is my third attempt. 

For starters, it looks huge.  Second, that stitch looks NASTY. 

I guess I’ll be ripping it down and starting my fourth attempt. 

I have finished my first ever hat.  It’s….  weird.  It fits my head in size but is way too short.  So I tried it on both of my kids.  It doesn’t cover their ears either.  It’s been turned into a dolly hat. 

I also made another scarf which I’ve given to my mother. 

Now..  just to figure out this purl so I can complete my first hat for an adult.


Kelly said...

I know what you mean. I am a self taught knitter. The first sweater I attempted really didn't fit right, one sleve was shorter than the other. It was just plain ugly. I have been working on afghans and will be finishing my first one up tonight. I think when you take knitting classes they tend to give you some confidence. We self taughters have to gain that on our own. Keep working on that hat! You can do it. My first hat was so tight it gave me a headache. You will get it down and make a masterpiece with this one. I have faith!

Jodi said...

True. The Stitch N Bitch book is really helpful, but sometimes you just need someone to physically show you. My mom attempted to show me how to purl, but I guess I still just didn't get it.
It's time to consult youtube videos.. Did you know they have how-to's on many many random things? :-)

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

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