Saturday, May 8, 2010

Homemade Laundry Detergent

I’m very late to the game with this one.

My interest was first grabbed when I saw Country Girl had made her own dry detergent.  Being that I use liquid detergent and had  a bunch bought ahead when I’d found a great sale, I put it on my list of “Things I’d like to do – but not in a great rush to do it” (just so you know – that particular list is really really long.  haha).

Then a couple of months ago, my friend Kellie made her own liquid detergent.  I realized that my stash was finally dwindling and decided to put it on my “Things I’d like to do – sooner rather than later” list (this list is a little more reasonable in length).

Then Nicole took inspiration from Kellie and made some for Too Cute Tuesday.

Then a completely different set of friends started it.  Christine made some (I can’t, for the life of me, find her blog link).  Then Kelli made some last week.

I decided to use the original instructions Kelli was going to use from The Simple Dollar.

It was really easy to make – quite quick, as well.  It took me 20 minutes to gather all of my supplies and mix up the goop.

laundry detergent 

This is what I now have sitting next to my washer, awaiting the 24 hour “sitting” period before I can see what I came up with.  You can see some small chunks of the bar of Ivory that just did not want to melt.  Most of it was an Ivory dust because the bar is a little old, so other than those little chunks, it melted really quickly.

While I realize tomorrow is Mother’s Day and I’m supposed to spend the day being pampered, I insist on doing laundry so I can find out how well our detergent works (hardy har on being pampered – really.  haha).

Stay tuned for the results!


Kelli said...

How did you like the results?

Jodi said...

I haven't used it yet! For once, I don't have a full load of laundry built up with anything. LOL

I'm trying it on bedding tomorrow. I'll report back afterwards.

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