Monday, May 10, 2010

Sew Fun Sunday

For Mother’s Day, my sweet T told me I could do whatever I wanted to do – all day long! 

I decided to spend a little time with my sewing machine in the morning (and force fed family time for the rest of the day.  haha).

Thanks to the lack of interruptions, I was able to put together a few new items to list on Etsy!

Who says such a utilitarian item as burp clothes has to be boring?




Don’t you love the lilacs in the background?  T usually waits until they are open to pick me some.  He got impatient this year.

I’ve also got a second diaper kit nearly finished – it still needs a diaper caddy (they are great for keeping your diapering gear organized and easy to grab from the vast array of stuff that usually winds up in your diaper bag).  Included will be a sling (sized medium), a burp cloth, a changing pad and the yet to be sewn caddy.


I also got to make a special treat for Monkey.  We went to JoAnn’s Fabrics on Friday and she found a lady bug button she just had to have.  While trying to figure out what to do with said button (so Little Man wouldn’t find it and choke on it with it lying around), I spotted an adorable lady bug print fabric.  Monkey now has an apron (she’s a moving target – I had trouble getting a picture.)  It is technically reversible because I also lined it with a deep green for extra thickness/clothing protection.


I hope all of the moms out there enjoyed their Mother’s Day and got pampered a little. 

Enjoy your sewing machines!


Kellie said...

I love doing burp clothes!!! And what a cute apron! :)

Country Girl said...

Very nice...wished you lived closer so you could teach me to sew. Maybe someday when the kids are older.

Jodi said...

Country Girl - My mom taught me when I was a kid. I never used patterns a lot, so that's a constant learning experience for me now. lol

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