Monday, October 17, 2011

Dinner is Served….

We had a busy week last week.  T had been pulled in the moose lottery this summer for the October hunt.  This was his second go around after having tagged his first moose back in 2005.

My man knows how to provide:


He wasn’t going to be picky.  First cow he saw was coming home.

Sure enough - on Monday morning, down she went.

She weighed in at 694 pounds.

We split the meat with his buddy (sub-permitee).

What ended up in our freezer and on our shelves:

  • 20 canned quarts of stew meat (21 – I broke one)
  • 8 packs garlic & cheese sausage
  • 8 packs sweet sausage
  • 7 packs hamburg
  • 18 various cuts of steak
  • 3 roasts

We had our first stew this weekend.  The meat is fantastic - and canned, it is so wonderfully tender.  You just dump your jar in a pot and add veggies and a bit of water and you.are.done.


We’re heading out to target shoot today because I’ve yet to bag my first partridge.  I made nuggets with a few last week and the kids DEVOURED them.  We need some more for the freezer – I need to get on my game and stop missing the birds.


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