Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Family Day

We woke up to rain yesterday morning, but we weren’t going to let it ruin our plans.  Thermoses were filled with piping hot [homemade]chicken noodle soup and hot chocolate, woolen socks and flannel shirts tossed on and a couple of mugs of piping hot coffee made for The Man and me.  We were off on our first ever family hunting adventure.

There’s something calming to the soul to be out on the dirt roads in the middle of the woods, no cell phone service, just surrounded by trees.  The leaves are changing over beautifully in these parts.


The rain stopped and we had only the occasional shower for the rest of the day.  We stopped frequently to stretch our legs and just breath in Fall in Northern Maine.


We saw a couple of turkey vultures hanging out together.  (Look just to the left of the center of the picture – 2 black things on top of the dead tree)


Those are some pretty big birds.  I’ve never seen them so up close before.


I can’t end this post without giving you a chuckle at my expense.  Yesterday was the first time in ten or so years I shoot a gun.  We came upon a partridge on the road I could have hit with the door of the jeep.  It was maybe fifteen feet away – and I missed my shot.  Really?  Perhaps I should stick to Gatherer and let T keep the Hunter status of our home.

I did redeem myself on a soda bottle later in the day.  We found one on the side of the road he set up for me to have some target practice.  I took one shot.  He wanted to know where I was aiming before showing me I was spot on.  Spot on.  We should have done the target shooting first, perhaps?


Alas, we came home empty  handed - courtesy of my blunder.  That bird should have been dinner!  But, we had a wonderful day together so the day was most definitely not lost.

We’ll be going back out tomorrow.  I am determined to add Huntress to my Jill of All Trades accomplishments.

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