Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hair Clip Organizer

We’ve had this frame for quite some time:


This summer, while I was refinishing a coffee table (I’ll share that soon – it’s been done for months but I haven’t taken any pictures yet!) I needed something to entertain the kids with.  They wanted to help paint – I was NOT letting them touch the coffee table.  So I pulled out an old quart of paint, grabbed a couple of foam brushes and dug this frame out of my heap of a craft room.  Monkey wanted it in her room but I had no inspiration, so it’s been sitting pink ever since.

Until now.

I found this adorable organizer on pintrest a few weeks ago.


We’ve seen them done over and over again so what stood out with this one?

The hooks for the headbands!


And ridiculously easy to recreate.

I had a couple packs of cup hooks I never used in my kitchen remodel at the old house (you can get them at any hardware store – I’m sure you can even find them at Walmart in the hardware section).  I grabbed my trusty spray paint and gave them some love (Eden by Rustoleum).  After they’d dried, I just screwed them into the bottom of the frame.

Then I grabbed some strips of fabric leftover from the shades I made for Monkey’s room and stapled them to the back of the frame with my heavy duty stapler.

The frame was missing a hanger hook on the back.  I’m too cheap to buy them for such a light weight project so I hot glued the tab from a soda can (meh – who am I kidding?  It was probably a beer can. ;-) ) to the back of the frame to hang it.



The inspiration photo looks like the hooks were attached and then the entire piece was spray painted at once.  (I’m assuming – I never went looking for the link because it’s not linked properly on the pin).  Ribbon was used rather than my scrap strips of fabric.  Use what you have!

While we were at it, we had this old mirror we got at a yard sale this summer for $1:


I taped up the mirror to protect, hit it with some Heirloom White (Rustoleum) spray paint, lightly distressed it and…..


She wanted it down low so she can admire herself after she puts clips in her hair, of course.  How did I end up with such a girly girl?  lol

Total for both projects = $1.  Yup.  I had everything on hand.

I love when that happens.


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Rust-Oleum Scott said...

What outstanding projects. Love the look of the hair clip organizer and mirror. Keep up the great work and thank you so much for using Rust-Oleum.

Jodi said...

Thanks! I've tried other spray paints but I'm a sucker for Rust-Oleum's 2x coverage line. My local hardware store didn't have any Heirloom White so I found a similar color in a different brand. I swore the entire time I was using it. The color was fine but the coverage was awful - and if I turned the can even an inch from straight up and down, it sprayed horribly.
I've since stocked up on Rust-Oleum to have on hand since it's a drive for me to get some now.

Simply Tasheena said...

Wonderful idea!

~Mrs. Delightful

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