Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cold weather goals - update:

So, I know I only posted my goals this week, but I have been working on them for a few weeks now.

Here's my update as of this morning.

1) My scarf is 1/2 way finished. This doesn't count towards my 2 projects, though. It's for learning, first. It is turning out well. At the beginning, there are a lot of loose stitches and a few areas where you see a big loose spot, but 1/2 way through what I have done, I got into my groove. I can hide the bad spot by flipping that end over my shoulder when I wear it. HA. I want to make a bonnet (beanie - winter hat - whatever it is you call it - it's a bonnet in my neck of the woods) with ear flaps. And I'm undecided on what my second "real" project will be. Who knows. I MAY attempt a sweater, seeing as I am a sweater whore (I've finally pared it down to 1 drawer full of sweaters that I love and wear always.... my dresser used to be filled with just sweaters in the winter. lol).

2) My loose recipes are also 1/2 way finished. I ran out of index cards this morning, so I'll pick some up this weekend when I'm in town. This is an easy enough project that I should be able to have it done within a few weeks, if I don't procrastinate.

3) I've been working on organizing the office. My first goal in here is to go through all of the paper clutter we've amassed over the years. I'm sorting through and keeping the last bank/credit card statement for that year and any papers for our income taxes. Everything else needs to be shredded. Unfortunately, I broke my shredder yesterday (and I didn't even make it through 1 year worth of shredding!). So I'm on a temporary stand still there as well. I'll probably just stack everything I want shredded next to the shredder in the meantime so that I can continue with the sorting.

Procrastination is a huge problem of mine. It always has been. This is how I will be holding myself accountable. So look for weekly updates. And yell at me if I'm not getting things done.

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