Thursday, October 9, 2008

Local Good Eats

I need to be more on top of things with the bread in our house. Actually, no. I need T to tell me when he's almost out of bread. He's a toast eater. Daily for breakfast and many times before bed as a snack. When we first moved in together, I'd wake up to find crumbs had magically appeared overnight, as well (midnight snacks).

This morning, Monkey and I had only 1 slice of bread so I needed to think about what to make for breakfast. I'm not a big egg eater and I'd made some yesterday for the 2 of us, so there was no way I was having eggs again today. I think we only have 1 left in the fridge right now, anyways.

After scratching my head for a minute trying to figure out something both Monkey and I would enjoy, I had a Mommy Ah-HA moment. I pulled out the ploye mix and made up a batch.

I get asked "What is a ploye?" by my non-County friends. A ploye is a cross between a crepe and a pancake. You can top it any way you like. Growing up, my favorite way was to butter it and sprinkle (OK - at that age it was slather) it with brown sugar. This morning we put peanut butter and home made strawberry jam (the only jam you'll now find in this house - store bought makes us wrinkle our noses now because we've spoiled ourselves).

The ploye mix we buy is from Bouchard Family Farms, a farm in Fort Kent (support our local farmers!). Luckily for us, our grocery store in Bangor carries it so it's not one of those things we need to stock up on when we're visiting up north (coffee, anyone?). Their products are also available online.
So when you need a substitute for bread, or just want to try something new, try a ploye!


maine momma of 3 (formally: stayathomemommy from maine) said...

wow, I've never heard of a ploye but they sound yummy!! I wonder if hannaford carries it down here in southern maine?? I'm going to have to check it out!!

Jodi said...

I know Hannaford in Bangor carries it (though I think the one on Union Street no longer does).

It's in the cereal aisle - next to the syrups - at the Broadway Hannaford.

I would bet that Paradis Shop N Save in Brewer has it too.

I don't know about any farther south.

You can always get it online if your store doesn't have it! :-)

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