Monday, October 13, 2008

Cold weather goals:

I was thinking this morning about everything I want to accomplish this winter. We got pretty much our entire summer list taken care of (minus installing a new floor because we can't find anything we agree on).

We had a pretty hefty list for the summer. And, sad as it is, my list for the winter is just as hefty.

1) Learn how to knit. Complete more than 1 project - successfully. I've already bought my first set of needles and 2 skeins of cotton yarn. I'm working on a scarf for my first project. It is a great way to practice and get a feel for it. The scarf looks pretty good for a first attempt! (Stitch N Bitch is helping me refresh myself. I "learned" how to knit years and years ago but I was never able to master it. I'm already doing better than before.)

2) Learn how to make cheese - specifically, mozzarella and cream.

3) Stop buying bread. There's absolutely no need for it. I can cook. I can bake. Hop to, woman!This means 2 loaves a week in our house.

4) Lose the 5 lbs that I gained after we stopped nursing. Lose an additional 5. Snowshoeing will help this!

5) Finish all of the small, miscellaneous projects I have started that have been sitting idle all summer (paint and put up shelf and finish hanging pocket quilt for Monkey's room; paint our bedroom; etc).

6) I have 2 paint projects I REALLY want to tackle. First is the stairway to the basement. I've already purchased the paint. Second is our kitchen cabinets. See, back when we first bought the house, T felt it necessary to stick his nose into the paint color decision making process. Jodi learned quickly that was a BAD BAD BAD idea. Now I have a wonderful shade of warm sunshine on my kitchen/living room walls... with a deeper shade of puke looking yellow on my cabinets. They need to be re-done. Cream. (For the record - T has since learned to just let me do my thing. Why would I chose an ugly color for our home? Don't pressure me and don't rush me. I'll find the right color. And then I'll make it all come together. Stand back and watch a master at work.)

7) This is a doozy. We started to finish our basement the winter I was pregnant. We had to move the "office" downstairs so we'd have an open bedroom for Monkey and still have a guest room for when our parents/family/friends come down to visit. The new room in the basement is still not finished. We had painted top to bottom but T never finished the trim on the walls (he put tongue and groove cedar the entire bottom half all the way around but didn't trim it out). And it has started to become a storage room again, which is what it was originally. No dice. I've started hanging art and organizing, but I still have a long way to go.

All in all, it doesn't LOOK too terrible. But when I read between the lines I'm yelling in my head "HOW WILL I DO THIS ALL??"

One thing at a time.

Besides, for those that know me, you know very well that I'll end up adding to this list 30 times over before the snow melts.


Country Girl said...

Good goals. I am with you on losing a couple pounds and painting.
I get overwhelmed with all the endless projects we have here but we just take it day by day.

Jodi said...

I don't even look at it as day by day anymore.

I fill my day with so many things I've had to start looking at it one thing at a time.

The day to day can get so very overwhelming.

Downeast Duck Hunter said...

It's good to see people get back to things like knitting, I just paid this gem of an old lady $100 for four pair of wool knit socks, and they are worth every cent!!! For some reason, they are the warmest, most comfortable socks around. I buy as many of them as I can, she's 83 and someday she won't be around to make me anymore. Thanks for subscribing to my blog and I was up in the Ft. Fairfield, Limestone, Easton area this weekend chasing Miss Bullwinkle, no cow but did manage to get my fingertips on some of the biggest potatoes ever right off the line before being sent into the potato hut...

Jodi said...

DEDH - That's what my husband wants me to do (make him socks)! lol He likes smart wools.. and last year he discovered Cabela's version and likes those even better. But nothing compares to hand knit wool socks made with love. ;-)

I threatened to Femme him up by making him pretty scarves and hats. He's now double thinking his "pushing" me to learn. ha ha

Man, I miss the County. We have friends on the moose hunt this week. We haven't heard any news, but it reminds me of T's hunt 3 years ago.. maybe I should blog about it and show of his big kill? lol

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