Saturday, October 11, 2008

Great deal on winter garb

Living in Maine, winter outwear is very important. Especially if you enjoy the outdoors at all.

Being the kind of family that enjoys outdoor activities, we need to have warm gear. T and I have amassed what we need for ourselves over the years already. Monkey, on the other hand, will need to be outfitted annually for a few (many) years.

Being cheap (frugal?) as I am, I can't see spending $100 to dress her for the winter. Yes, winter lasts 1/2 the year here, but she's only going to use this stuff once and it will never fit her again.

What's a Mom to do?

Enter LL Bean.

Yes, I realize some of my readers (TRO?) aren't huge LL Bean fans. But I do enjoy my perks with them. You see, years ago, I signed up for an LL Bean Visa. For every purchase I make on my credit card, I earn Bean dollars. And any purchase I make at LL Bean with said card, I get free shipping and free monogramming (they even have free return shipping now! YAY).

Monkey may hate me for this in a few years when she has any fashion sense and looks back at the pictures from this winter, but I scored a FULL snow suit for $17.15.


I bought a jacket on clearance for $29.95 and ski pants on clearance for $14.95. Enter my $30 worth of Bean dollars and free shipping = $17.15 after tax.

It's a little floral for my taste and I'll probably groan each and every time I put her in it, but at that price, we'll deal. And hopefully our next child is a girl because if we have a boy, he's going to look ridiculous! (I'm joking.. kind of...)


maine momma of 3 (formally: stayathomemommy from maine) said...

I love my LL Bean card and all it's perks!! I got sunshine's rain jacket she "needed" for $1.47 after my coupons!!

I think for us who shop for clothes etc... LL Bean is great but probably not so much for the outdoors men ;)

Do you check out the Learning Tree in Bangor at all?? My SIL gets great stuff that looks brand new all the time!

Country Girl said...

VERY CUTE!!! I am not flowery but I'd dress my daughter in that especially at that price.

Gram said...

OK.. so I'd better not see a grandson of mine wearing floral!! Even if your brother did wear your floral long johns til he was old enough to complain... we did turn them inside out so no one would see the floral!!
And I know Monkey will look just adorable in this... she'd be beautiful in just about anything!

Jodi said...

SAHM - I've never heard of the Learning Tree. I will be looking for it now, though!

CG - I'm not flowery, either.

Gram - Floral long johns were just the tip of the ice burg. Don't you remember the pink footie pajamas you had to cut the footies off of and sew socks on so that they'd fit his legs? HAHAHAHAHA (At least my bro doesn't read this and know we're laughing at the pink we used to make him wear... hehe)

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