Monday, November 10, 2008

Quick update

So, it was a crazy week last week. Normally, I spend naptime catching up on the internet (blogging, e-mailing, updating my checkbook, etc). Last week, I was spending naptimes attempting to nap as well. My cold wasn't all too bad, but I had a horrible cough which kept me up ALL.NIGHT.LONG. So I was pretty run down last week.

Thursday, my Grandma D had surgery. We spent the day at the hospital (Monkey is such a patient child - she spent the entire day with no complaints). She's recovering well, but I'm sure she'll be very happy to be able to go home. Since she had her surgery here in town, my mom is staying with us for the duration so she can be at the hospital every day. Aunt B has the fun task of wrangling Pepere, so they went back home on Friday. I'm sure she'll be pretty happy to see everyone home too! Pepere can be a handful now!!

T worked all weekend so he only went in for noon today. Monkey's nap schedule is all messed up as well. So we still haven't done our groceries for the week. PS - I failed last week. I spent $45 at the grocery store. However, $15 was milk and yogurt. So I didn't go over too badly. It was still a fail, though.

I also have no updates for the cold weather projects. I think I've knit a total of 3 whole rows in the past week on my scarf. I haven't attacked anything else, either. We've been spending too much time getting Monkey and myself over our cold and a bunch of time at the hospital in between. And, of course, working.

Hopefully I have a chance to post our grocery total for the week later. Again, with Monkey on a different nap schedule, that ship may have sailed for today.

With that, I'm off to take a much desired shower. Working the morning at home makes it difficult to shower at a decent time of day.


maine momma of 3 (formally: stayathomemommy from maine) said...

So glad to see your still around... missed you last week! Glad your grandma is recovering and Hope you guys start feeling better soon!!!

Country Girl said...

I have been battling with a major cold too... Uggg!

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