Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Holiday decorating

I subscribe to a few magazines. In the art of being frugal, my Mom and I gift subscriptions to each other for special prices as well (I got a special deal to add a gift subscription to my Martha Stewart Living subscription, so send Mom one - she does the same for me with Country Living).

I don't have a lot of time to read them, but I do enjoy thumbing through them looking at ideas on how to decorate our home - and not just for the holidays.

When T and I first moved in together 6 1/2 years ago, our apartment was quickly overtaken by piles of my magazines. I couldn't bear to part with them because of the fantastic ideas held in their pages! T was annoyed at them, and I wasn't very fond of seeing the stacks either. So I devised a plan. I bought myself a big binder, sat down with a beer and started ripping apart my magazines, keeping anything that inspired me in any way or form. I put them in the binder, divided by room. And now I recycle my mangled magazines.

My favorite magazines to receive are the holiday ones. These are actually very difficult for me to rip up because most of the time, they inspire me from cover to cover.

One holiday decoration I have yet to invest in are stockings to hang on our non-existent mantle. I haven't found the right ones yet. I want them to be something special that survive the years. And I want us to all have matching ones, so until I know our family is complete, I don't want to buy any because I know I wouldn't be able to find one more later if we would need it. So I wait. And I look.

Country Home has a picture in this months issue (seen below) of stockings I have fallen in love with. The only thing I would want differently is to have our names on them. So I either need to learn how to knit stockings with lettering, or I need to find someone who can make them for me.

As for this year, I'll be buying Monkey a cheap stocking so we have something to fill for her (T & I already have cheap stockings from when we first moved in together).

And I'll continue to stare at these stockings and dream of someday having a mantle to hang them on.


maine momma of 3 (formally: stayathomemommy from maine) said...

Love them! I'm a stocking junkie...I'm eyeing the llbean personalized cross stitched ones... after 9 years I finally have my mantel and want these bad! Maybe next year!

Jodi said...

Now I'll have to go check those out, too! lol

On a good note - my dad mentioned to my mom that I needed a mantle with my pellet stove. This was before she could tell him I was thinking of asking him to build me one... hehe

Queenie said...

Maybe you could make Monkey her own stocking out of a first dress? A great pair of little overalls (stitch up the bottoms) or a favorite first pair of pajamas? My children loved their individualized "stockings" that were not only special to them, but very unique!

Osh said...

I keep all my magazines in the bathroom...my place of refuge...I read them while I dry my hair...

Love the stockings!

Country Girl said...

I love all the magazines you mentioned too. I take them out at the library often times. I just went to the dollar store and they have some ok looking/cheap stockings.

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