Thursday, December 18, 2008

A second attempt

After a failed attempt yesterday, I'm going to try again to go finish Christmas shopping for T today. I just have a couple things I want to pick up for him, but they require me to actually go into the store to get them. That proved impossible yesterday, after the show ran longer than I expected and then dealing with the roads. Monkey was long overdue for a nap at this point.

Unfortunately, when I made the decision yesterday to hold off another day, I had forgotten about Monkey's 18 month check up this morning. It's right before lunch time. By the time I feed her lunch, it's going to be nap time. So she'll be getting a late nap again today. I don't know if my Mommy nerves can handle it (she's like me - she needs her sleep if you don't want cranky!). So I'll have to play it by ear and decide how she's feeling after her shots.

I'm running out of time! But, I refuse to let Christmas stress me out this year. I have wanted nothing more than to enjoy the season with my family and to enjoy looking at everything through Monkey's eyes.

So far, I think I'm doing a pretty good job of it.

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