Saturday, December 13, 2008

We saw the big red jolly guy!

We avoided a long line, we avoided an insane fee for a picture and we got Mrs. Clause and an elf too!

Alas, Monkey was scared of them and I had to be included in the picture. Well, not really scared. Just shy, which is normal when she's first meeting someone. Given time, she warms up to anyone. But, she didn't really have time to get accustomed to the faces so didn't get to be her normally friendly self.

If you didn't already know it, it's pretty darn cold outside! Look at that little red nose!

And, I didn't get to avoid the mall after all. T needed to get oil for his chainsaw. He needs to be able to clean up the mess in the back yard this weekend and the chainsaw is a Craftsman, so we needed to go to Sears. While there, we picked up Monkey's Christmas portraits we had done at JCPenny's. Let's just say I was very very VERY glad to get out of the mall. It was packed solid - which is WAY too many people for me in one place. As we were pulling back onto the I-95, we could see the traffic on the Stillwater Exit backed up almost to the highway. Insane, no?

I'm one happy lady to be back home. Now I need to put in a little extra time for work before getting ready for another hockey game. The walk from the parking lot into the Alfond Arena is going to feel really long tonight in this frigid air!


Queenie said...

I know you were supporting your nervous little sweetie, but, come on, admit it - wasn't it nice to be up there with Santa? Yah, I thought so...

maine momma of 3 (formally: stayathomemommy from maine) said...

Ha Ha Queenie, Thanks to a shy one I always have to be in the pictures with santa or characters too and I love it!

Jodi, it's a beautiful pic!

Merry christmas!

Michelle said...

So cute!
And Peanut won't get near him either. Even with me.

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