Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Meet the girls!

I'd like to share with you a few images of our new backyard beauty. (Read that dripping with sarcasm). Yes, we will be doing something to pretty it up some so it's not an eye sore, but for now, it will have to do.

First - the inspiration photo from Mother Earth News:

And now, our (T's) interpretation:

This is the back, behind the nesting boxes. These are doors for us to collect eggs from (latches have since been installed). Note the two small handles for T to cart the coop around the yard with (I think the big handle bar would have been easier, but what do I know?).

This is the larger, main door. T can get in and out from here for cleaning, feeding and watering (latches have since been installed here as well).

And here is the door for the chickens to get in and out into their pen through.

Monkey did enjoy helping T build the pen (she did do some hammering on the coop itself, too).
(I don't know what the red dot is - I probably lost control of the paintbrush while brushing out my license plate. Oops.)

Like I said - it's not pretty. But I'll take care of that later (I do have bigger fish to fry right now).

I'm thinking T needs to make the big door look like a barn door (this will also mimic the doors on our big shed). I'm also thinking I want to give it a clapboard type look - or put wood shingles. We'll see what I can find for free/cheap in the coming months (I also need to keep it LIGHT since T will be lugging the thing around the backyard!).

What are we looking at?

Oh? HI!
Meet Tallulah (red), Maisy (white), Carmella (white), BBQ (black), Stew (black) and Pot Pie (black). T knows the breeds - I do not. Deal with colors. HAHA They are 9 weeks old today (so no eggs for a little longer - if memory serves, I believe it's around 20 weeks they start to lay).

Who needs TV when you have chickens?

I'll admit it. I was laughing at him when I took the picture, but did join him once I'd put the camera away. We've been sitting out there quite a bit since Sunday.

So far, they've decided to stay in the coop all day but sleep in the pen at night. Weird birds. T needs to set them up a roost in the coop. A coworker of his who raises chickens said that will probably help them figure things out.

Welcome to the Farm!


Michelle said...

Nice job! And yeah, I don't know breeds either, but they look really healthy :)

Country Girl said...

I think he did a great job! We love having chickens. I am sitting down right now eating an omlet made out of this mornings eggs, nothing like it! Most of our roosts are made of small trees/branches.

Lisa said...

Oh, I think he did a great job. It looks very nice. Have fun making it pretty! I actually put a porch on my chicken coop last summer, being a farm girl is so fun!


Jodi said...

Michelle - We were more concerned with health, too. Although he did want 1/2 of the black ones and 1/2 of the red - the guy didn't want to sell anymore reds so gave us 1 and the 2 whites instead.

CG - That's his plan for tonight! He's going to repurpose the poles he used last year for pole beans since we aren't planting any this year.

Lisa - A porch? Nice! That would probably add too much weight to ours, though. I have to remember it's supposed to be portable. LOL

Memere Dedean said...

Hi "Nice Chicks" I'm glad to see were going to have a place to sleep when we go down State Hahaaa Love Memere Dedean Xoxooo Kisses to Monkey mmmm

Erica said...

Love it, you guys did a great job! And I love watching my chickens. Would sit out there half the day if I could lol :)

Basic Bryan said...

Hi Jo,
Really enjoyed the "Meet the girls" post. You have much more gumpsion than I do! Have fun.

Memere Dedean said...

I think you should get another red one .Poor thing she must feel out of place , So don't put your roost in the coop too high she might try to hang herself (suicidal). Hahaaaa Oh I LOVE YOU AND YOURS Xoxoos Kisses to monkey. Your crazy Memere

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