Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sew Fun Sunday

Welcome to Sew Fun Sunday!

My newest project:

This is an adorable pair of coverall shorts I bought for Monkey at a yard sale last summer for $2 or $3. They were too big last year, but this year they are just right.

She was wearing them one day during the beginning days of potty training. In an effort to make it easier to put her on the toilet more quickly, I had left them unsnapped. It had a skirt effect, and I realized I liked it better as a skirt!

I cut out the snaps and pinned up the open seams in the front and back (this required lining up of the decorative ribbon trim). I figured if I ruined them, I was only out a couple of dollars


A new skirt!

I'm not a fancy seamstress by any means, but I doubt anyone will be looking closely at the stitchery when she's wearing it. Besides - practice makes perfect. If I want to be a better seamstress, there's only one way to get better. (To try, try again!)

What have you been working on? Feel free to leave a comment (with a link to a recent project perhaps?) and share!

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