Friday, May 29, 2009

Short hiatus

I'm still alive and kicking - and very very pregnant.

Life has gotten a little nutty: Trying to get lots done before New Bean makes his arrival and planning a big birthday party for Monkey (party is tomorrow!).

I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things next week, but my postings will probably be a bit farther spaced out for a little while (hopefully not as long as this past one, though). Pregnancy is starting to wear me down, so just until I have New Bean and get into a new routine at least.

I hope to have party pictures to share this weekend.

Now it's back to housework and a cake is waiting for frosting!


maine momma of 3 (formally: stayathomemommy from maine) said...

I was wondering about you. Was doing the math in my head to see if the new bean may have arrived! Glad to see all is well! Happy Birthday Little Monkey!!

Nicole said...

Sometimes a gal needs a break. Best of luck with all preparations. I think I speak for other readers when I say I'll be happy to read when you post and will understand when you can't. :^)

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