Friday, October 16, 2009

Children's Creative Corner

I wanted to add some spooky decorations to our Halloween collection. After some contemplation as to what kind of project to attack with a 2 year old, I decided against papier mache and opted for another dough project.

After a little searching, I found this site to make Salt Dough Ghosts.
We gathered our supplies.

And mixed it all together.

Monkey says "Don't taste the dough. Yuck!"

After a little effort, I found it impossible to get the ghosts to look like the ones included with the instructions. I ended up laying them flat on the plate for their time in the microwave.

Here they are in their new home. I made the candles last year - and the hands are from our glitter project last week.

The 2 "ghosts" on the right aren't very ghost-like. I'm going to pull out the acrylics and turn them into tomb stones on small grass knolls.

I can see us using this recipe for other projects in the future. Christmas tree ornaments are currently floating around in my brain. We can either color the dough with food coloring or paint it afterwards...

Also, I said I'd let you know when our play dough needed to be tossed. It's been 2 weeks. It is still wrapped in plastic wrap. And it is still soft and doughy, even with a lot of use.

Have fun!

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