Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wine mishaps

We had a terrible wine tragedy in our house this weekend.

You see these 2 beauties?

This picture was taken last fall, when T first tried his hand at making wine. The air lock on the right met Monkey's hand and needed to be replaced after these batches were bottled. That's not too big a deal, right? It's small and easy to replace.

T has made and bottled 2 batches so far this summer (with hopes of at least 1 more before the snow flies and it's too cold in the basement for the set up).

This past weekend, he was going to transfer a new batch from the fermentation bucket into the empty carboy. So he started hauling his gear to the bathtub to clean and sanitize everything. Alas, the poor man lost his grip on his carboy and it met the cement floor at the bottom of the basement stairs.

At least it was empty. It was only slightly as tragic as the day his wine rack got wobbly and we lost 10 bottles to the cement last spring...

A somber service was held over a cardboard box to be delivered to the recycle center with the rest of our glass, newspaper and cardboard next week.

Now I'm searching online for a cheap carboy for the man, as well as the floor corker I was hoping to get him before he needs to bottle again.

I'm back to my online search, hoping to deliver Christmas early in the LTRLT household.


jamie said...

Oh no! Good luck finding a replacement!
Wine making looks like so much fun! What kinds do you guys make?

Jodi said...

I'm not sure what he has brewing right now. I know 1 batch last year was a Shiraz.

This is one of the few things I just sit back and watch on. lol

Jodi said...

I found T's journal. He made a Cabernet Sauvignon and Bergamais (using Grand Cru brand kits). He has a Vintners Reserve Gewurztraminer going right now and a VR Merlot kit waiting in the wings.

I just realized our wine racks are already full. I may need to do some shopping before he does any more botteling. lol

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