Saturday, October 10, 2009

The power of the Internet

I've mentioned before that I belong to a message board. We're a group of women who met online (on The Knot, to be exact) while planning our weddings. We have since left and created our own board where we chat pretty much daily. Many of us have "known" each other for 5 years or more. Every now and again, someone travels and a get together is planned for the traveler and those living there, where we can meet face to face.

Recently, Jet Blue had an All You Can Jet promotional pass. One of the women, whom loves to travel, decided to take advantage and planned a 23 day trip zig-zagging across the United States.

You can read about all of her travels on her blog.

She ended her trip here in Maine. You can read about her visit here.

There are only 2 of us from Maine on the message board, and we happen to live within 30 minutes of each other (so we've met multiple times already). M's schedule is a little more flexible than mine (meaning, she's not towing around 2 young kids!), so she picked Feisty up at the airport and brought her around to see the sights. Unfortunately, weather on Wednesday was horrid. It rained all day, so they didn't get to see much. They did, however, come to dinner at my place.

It wasn't like meeting someone new - it was like welcoming an old friend into my home.

It's an amazing thing, this Internet. You can research topics, find new recipes, keep in touch with family.

You can even meet new friends... or old ones.


Nicole said...

I have a London friend because on my blog! I actually just wrote about it my last entry. I had no idea the fringe benefits of blogging could involve these sort of things. Good for you.

Country Girl said...

Very cool. I will check out her links. I have met a blogger before at an event. The internet is a great resource for so many things!

C said...

So fun!!!

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