Sunday, November 29, 2009

Children's Creative Corner

This craft has created a few craft sessions for us. Unfortunately, my camera died half way through each and every session (we were planning on replacing it when we ended up having to replace the computer), but I did get a few pictures.

We gathered our supplies for Salt Dough Ornaments.
You may remember we made salt dough ghosts for Halloween. I thought it would be lots of fun to make ornaments for our tree. Nicole over at Breaking Even, Inc. had the same idea. Instead of cooking them in the microwave, I baked them like she did. Ours were thicker so they ended up baking for about an hour.
T's cousin E had the great idea of making hand and foot prints for her newborn. I decided to try it with the kids. We used a circular cookie cutter. They turned out fantastic! I believe we've begun a new tradition. We even made more at my parent's house last week with Scooby - a set for each set of grandparents.
The second part of this particular craft is to decorate the ornaments! (You can see Monkey's handy work in the above picture. She wanted to be sure to include it with the hand prints for all of you to see.) I think I'll be painting the hand prints themselves black and then a contrasting color on the rest of the ornament.
It was fun and easy!
Enjoy your kiddos!

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