Monday, November 16, 2009

Cold Weather Goals Update

My original goals can be found here.

1) Personal

  • I've made it down to 150. Halloween candy was almost my downfall. But I'm half way there!
  • I've lost all my images to my old computer. I haven't heard from the shop about it yet so I'm just working on some small projects and holding off a little longer on Etsy.
  • I bought a small blotter to track bill due dates on. I've been updating my checkbook register once a week to track my balance. My house doesn't look like a tornado has just come through. I can live with that for now.
  • My blog obviously suffered from the computer crash. The new computer is now completely set up and running (minus Quickbooks which I need to upgrade. Poo!). You should be seeing me regularly again.
2) Family
  • We took Monkey to a hockey game at UMO last weekend (Little Man stayed with my GFT because it would have been too much with both kids). We've also been out to eat a couple of times. We need to find some family activities.

  • Children's Creative Corner only has one update since the crash fiasco. All of my links and ideas were on the old machine so I have to do some digging. We may not have been crafty, but we have been doing all sorts of food crafts (ie, cooking).

3) Kitchen

4) Projects

  • Hanging mirror has been painted

  • I have 2 of 5 wine crates stained
  • I need 6 more pockets for Little Man's quilt. I found some rustic looking quilter's squares I've had for years. I'm pretty sure I'm going to use them for the front.
5) Turning house into home

  • Bedroom: My dresser area has been prettified. T's dresser has been simplified. I painted his nightstand this week (with his blessing, of course). It needs baskets to organize his junk... er... stuff. I need fabric for a bed skirt. I need curtains. I currently have plant clippings rooting to add at least 1 plant to our room (I believe I'll be putting it on top of my dresser where I currently have a candle). I have a painting to hang and 2 wall sconces to paint and hang. I'm making progress.

  • Bathroom: T picked up a piece of trim for me on his last trip to Home Depot. I put up a curtain hanger (it's not a rod - it's an idea I came up with and will show you as soon as I figure out curtains). I also need a new shower curtain because T got paint on my nice white one. I put in an "order" with my dad to build a shelf unit for above the toilet. Slow progress but progress nonetheless.
  • Monkey's curtains have been put up.

  • I've also put in an "order" for a bookshelf with my dad for Little Man's room. Otherwise, I haven't done anything in there yet.
  • The wine crates are for the stairwell. Unfortunately, I'll be waiting on T and the drywall before I can finish.
Slow and steady. I have no intention of leaving anything unfinished on this list this year!

How are your lists coming?

Edited for an update: I heard from the computer shop after I typed this out. The old laptop is fried but they were able to pull all of my data off of it. Phew!


Nicole said...

I'm glad everything worked out with your computer. I got Mozy a few weeks ago and honestly I am relieved to know if my computer crashes I won't lose everything (again I should say).

Way to stay focused, Jodi. I love that about you, it's inspiring to people like me who go madly off in all directions...

Jodi said...

Thanks Nicole.
T always says I'm too focused sometimes. I get grouchy if you break my focus on something. lol (At least he's learned to only break my focus for something important. hehe)

Anonymous said...

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