Saturday, November 14, 2009

New recipes

Wow. I have a lot of recipes to catch up on. I'll post a few at a time and hopefully be caught up soon.
We'll start with Cheesy Rice Fritters from Everyday. While it was a bit labor intensive for such a simple meal, it was easy. Next time, I need to drain off a little of the bacon fat and decrease the olive oil before sauteing the spinach as it ended up a little greasy. We all enjoyed it, though.

I also made Balsamic-Glazed Mushrooms from Everyday. They have them listed as an appetizer. I made them as a side dish. And I've made them a few times. They're ridiculously easy and very very tasty.

Also from Everyday is Philly Cheese Steak-Stuffed Garlic Bread. It's so fancy looking and extremely yummy. It was really easy to throw together, too.

This last one is from AmericanProfile.Com. Tortellini, Greens and Bean Soup was another winner. I took their suggestion of adding browned kielbasa for extra Monkey pleasing powers. It did the trick to make the soup extra appealing to her.

I have more to come when I get another few minutes to sit down.

Enjoy your kitchens!
First two images from Everyday.
Third image from

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