Monday, March 29, 2010

Kitchen Challenge – Week 4

Up this week we have Beef Wellington.

Beef Wellington

I used this recipe (they say it’s Julia Child’s recipe – I don’t know for sure).

My first issue was Monkey.  While making the marinade, she managed to get into my spice cabinet and got the garlic powder open and decided to add some to the pot cooking slowly on the stove.  I do believe that is all she got in – and I do believe it was just a small shake. 

Then Monkey decided to help with the mushroom mixture.  I got the wine set up to the side, waiting to put it in when the mushrooms were ready.  I turned around to give Little Man more pieces of sweet potato and she took her opportunity to grab the wine and dump it into the mushrooms – way earlier than it should have gone in.  I cooked off all of the liquid and added another splash in hopes of it having the right concentration of wine flavor in the mushrooms.

And THEN Monkey took it upon herself to dump the marinade mixture into the mushroom mixture (again, while I was tending to her little brother).  Monkey had it in her head how this dish was supposed to be done and she didn’t like my way, apparently.  I think I did a good job salvaging it when I took out as much as I possibly could with a spoon. 

I’m not sure if the sauce should have been strained.  The instructions said nothing of it, but I would have preferred the sauce without the extra chunky bits from the marinade in it. 

SO, even with all of that working against me, it turned out delicious.  The individual sections of this dish were really easy.  Doing it all at once with a cranky (sick) baby and an extremely mischievous 2 year old…  I wouldn’t recommend it. 

How did yours turn out (Is anyone else trying these? Anyone?  ANYONE?)? 

Remember the rules – you need to post a picture and the recipe you used on your blog and post your post link in the comments (or for non-bloggers, on the LTRLT fan page on Facebook).  Deadline for submitting is Friday.

This week is Napoleons.  I’m very much looking forward to this one.  I do believe I’ll be making the puff pastry at the same time instead of buying it – meaning this week will probably be a two-fer. 

Enjoy your kitchens!

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