Friday, March 26, 2010

Squeaky cheese…


I’ve done it, dear readers.  I’ve gone and made cheese.

During my semi-weekly blog perusal, one of my regulars made some mozzarella cheeseThis is a different recipe than the one I had seen in the past and had originally planned to use but followed it instead.

Do yourselves a favor: If you plan on attempting to make cheese, be sure you have a thermometer that registers temperatures as low as 90.  Mine started working at 80 degrees on the initial run on heat.  When I put the mixture over heat a second time, my thermometer registered “HI.”  Friendly bugger – a lot of good that did me.

Everything I’ve read about making cheese says to not use ultra-pasteurized milk and local milk is better.  I used a gallon of Hood whole milk (it’s not ultra-pasteurized).

Other than the thermometer snafu, it was remarkably easy.  It probably took me closer to an hour and a half to make, start to finish – but for a first time run, I don’t consider that bad (I was tending to the tots at the same time, so I always have to factor in extra time right there!).  Also, I forgot to add the salt but a friend suggested storing it in water and putting a little of my cheese salt into the water.  (I’m going to do that as soon as I’m done here).

A better thermometer is on my list to pick up this weekend.  I will be making this again – probably quite often.

Another thing off of my winter check list…  even though it’s technically spring. 

Enjoy your kitchens!


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Kellie said...

AWESOME! This is on my list for next week! THANKS! :)

Jodi said...

Can you get rennet in FK?

Kellie said...

Either through my sister's co-op or online!

Jodi said...

Co-op? I've been gone too long. LOL

Kolein said...

How does it taste??? It looks yummy! How wonderful! I make butter. But never cheese. It doesn't seem that difficult???

Found you from SNS at FJI! Wonderful!!

Jodi said...

Kolein, it would be perfect if I'd have added the salt. And it was much easier than I expected.
Thanks for coming! :-)

gardenofsimple said...

your cheese looks great! I'm still having a hard time getting it nice and smooth. I've left out the salt (on purpose) once and it was fine, but the kids didn't like it as much (less flavor).

Jodi said...

GOS - The smooth didn't give me as difficult a time as I was expecting. And though we aren't really big on salt here, the cheese needs it. It just gives it that extra flavor. I do have the small (very small) piece we have left in salted water in the fridge. I'll see how that is later.

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