Monday, May 3, 2010

One of THOSE days

You know what days I’m talking about.  The kind that just go from bad to worse and you can’t wait to get back into bed.

I’m having one today.  And you know, I’m ever the optimist but some days can just kiss my big butt.

I got maybe a combined total of 3 hours of sleep last night.  My kids and husband just didn’t want me to sleep, I guess.  Monkey got me up twice and Little Man three times.  T, well, he spent the night tossing and turning and keeping me awake, too. 

This leads to a tired and cranky Jodi, which leads to impatience.  The kids are able to sense this, of course.  Rather than be their normal darling selves, they’ve been little monsters today.

I spilled half of my large  mug of much needed coffee all over my kitchen table.

Then I had to go to town for T recycling to the recycle center and to pick up chicken food (because he didn't tell me to pick up chicken feed last week and we were 100% out as of yesterday). So, I decided I'd do groceries instead of just running to the smaller grocery store for milk.

I get 10 minutes from my house and realize A) I forgot to have Monkey pee before leaving (we’ve only just started venturing away from home without diapers, though she’s been out of diapers for months). B) I forgot my wallet.  So I had to turn around.

I quickly grabbed my wallet, put Monkey on the potty and off we went again. Little Man is still in the back seat on screech at this point, but fell asleep on the ride to town. We went to the recycle center and then drove to the other end of town to buy chicken food.  can I just say that I love that Blue Seal has a drive thru and I’ll probably never go buy chicken food at the new Tractor Supply store for that very reason.  I can stay right in the car with the kids and the employee at Blue Seal loads that 50 pound bag of chicken feed right into my trunk for me. 

So, I'm waiting in line and Monkey says "Mommy.  [Monkey] peepeed in carseat." GAH.   That’s what I get for not bringing a change of clothes for her – but she still would have had to get in and out of a wet seat, so forget the grocery store.

Off we go back home where, on the way, I did something I NEVER do and stopped at the little convenience store 2 miles from my house and [bad mommy moment] left my kids locked in the car [/end bad mommy moment] to pay $5 for a gallon of milk because we had zilch at home and Monkey is a huge milk drinker.

To top it off, I’ve had this hanging over my head since Friday:


What’s this, you ask?  This would be what my daughters torso looked like yesterday morning – where I removed a tick from her little body on Friday.  The pediatrician on call who took my panicked phone call Friday night told me since it had only been on her for a few hours, I wouldn’t need to worry about it giving her anything – and to remove as much of it as I could.  Well, there’s still something there.  And the red?  I think it’s from us playing with it so  much trying to get that last little piece out (she may have gotten pinched by the tweezers – I don’t know – it was one of those parenting moments that are not pleasurable, ok?  You’ve got this parasite on your toddler and she’s screaming bloody murder while you “attack” her with tweezers?  Not fun.). [Note – it was fairly large – therefore, NOT a deer tick.  Eases my mind, but not much – at least there’s no worry of Lyme Disease.]

So.. now I'm home. The kids are acting better.  Monkey's car seat cover is in the washer. And I did something nice for T to try to turn my sour mood around. I vacuumed out the car while her seat is out because it was full of crushed gold fish crackers and he told me yesterday it's bothering him (he doesn't like a dirty car and it's been pretty bad). So I parked the kids in front of Sesame Street [don't judge - I'm having a bad day ] and quickly vacuumed it out for him.

And now I'm having Easter chocolates hoping to snap out of it.  Quickly. 

Don’t you just love THOSE days?

(I feel a little better now that I’ve hashed it all out here for you to see, though.  HA!)


jamie said...

Oh man, THAT is a doozy of a day. Hope you get a good nights sleep and a much better day tomorrow!
I was never been so hesitant to leave my house as much as when my boys were just out of diapers! One thing that I used to do is buy those moisture absorbing pads in the baby dept at Walmart and cut a couple to fit into the seat of the car seat so that the car seat itself didn't get soaked too. Worked like a charm!

Jodi said...

Jamie, that is an excellent idea! Thanks! I'm going to pick some up next time I'm in town. And, I'll be bringing a change of clothes for her from now on, too. That was just silly of me.

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