Sunday, July 31, 2011

Backyard Camping

Look where we slept last night.


It was a long night crammed in between my 2 best buddies in 2 sleeping bags zipped together (Temps were forecasted to go down to 49 – I was worried they’d get cold – hence sharing a sleeping bag instead of each using our own). 

I will say, you get to hear a lot of pretty cool things in your backyard at random hours of the night, though.  I’d never heard deer “talk” to each other before.  Too bad they were talking to warn of the foreign object in the yard while they were helping themselves in our garden.  ;-)


You don’t need to go far to show your kids a good time!  Mine are already asking when we’re going to do it again.


Kelly said...

It is always the most simple things they remember most. Mine are all grown now but still talk about camping trips, white water rafting. Being from Florida one of their best memories was in NC when it snowed and they slid down the road on garbage can lids. Hey, we were from Florida. Snow was a real big thing.

Jodi said...

It's definitely the simple things I remember most as well. That's probably why I strive so hard to share the simple experience in life with them. :-)

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