Friday, October 24, 2008

And the fun begins...

When T & I first moved to Bangor together, we treated ourselves to watching the University of Maine men's hockey team a couple of times a winter. After we bought the house, we stopped going out on weekends, stopped taking off for days at a time, and stopped going for long rides to nowhere on the weekend. So we decided to treat ourselves to season tickets.

When Monkey came along, we decided that was one thing we weren't going to cut out of our lives. Yes, it's a big chunk of change, but it averages out to about $40 a weekend over the winter months. We don't go out otherwise, so it's still cheaper than if we were to go out (or take in) dinner.

A couple weeks ago was the Blue/White game. It's the team playing against each other - really just a great way for the fans to meet the team. T and I missed it because we were up north for his Uncle's funeral. We gave the tickets to our friends, T & M. Tonight, we give them our Monkey instead. As you can see from the picture, hockey bores her. OK, not really - but we don't want to bring her to all of the games. And T & M love having her (so they say... HA).

Tonight is the season opener at the Alfond. It's looking like this is going to be a building year (as was last year), but we'll still enjoy getting out for a few hours alone.

And where else can I yell freely without being looked at like a loon?


maine momma of 3 (formally: stayathomemommy from maine) said...

my brother in law and his wife go to a lot of games too, they love it! Have fun!!

Oh yeah... I nominated you for an award, see my blog ;)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha haaa I had to laugh yesterday to see my little monkey chew her nails. Yes i did say chew her nails hahaaa We love that little crut .. Love Memere D

Country Girl said...

I would love to go to one of their games sometime....maybe we can meet you there. I use to take classes at UMO and always thought about it but never went. It is about 1 hr drive from here.

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